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Hey there,
right now I’m setting um my nextcloud instance to organize the communication in a team. So we’ll use Talk for intern communication. Not everyone will look for new messages that often. So in would be nice to send an automated mail if there is a new message in the chat in intervalls of one an hour ore something like that. Is there a functionality like that or an workaround to solve this problem?

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I’m facing the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Unfortunately not. A Workaround would be to use an Talk → Matrix/XMPP Bridge an use the Email notifications there. As far as i know there is no new functionality in this context with the upcoming Nextcloud 21

I’m also facing the same issue and this work around is interesting. When you say, use the bridge and then use the email notifications there, do you mean the email notifications in whatever chat channel it is you are bridging to? Or is there something more built-in into the various bridge options?

I’ve had a look and there doesn’t appear to be a feature request for this on Nextcloud Talk github. I might raise one, because the email notifications are critical for cross-organization collaboration, as you can’t expect others to check their chats.

Hey, I face the same problem with our sports club nextcloud. In the settings it can be chosen to give a e-mail notification when you are invited to a new chat, but it would be great, if there would also be a email notification option, if you have not read a message in an existing chat for a certain while (this time might be adjustable by the user and of course the if the users gets the mail at all).
Have you already opened a feature request?

Hello, I have a similar scenario.
In in talk you can select “Chat notification” → “All messages”
In the Settings → Activity menu you can select “Send notification Emails hourly”

In Talk every user has to select it for himself.
In the Activity menu the Admin can choose default settings for new users.

I will try that out in the next weeks and tell you if it worked as intended…

I upgraded to Nextcloud 23 and decided to look at Talk again to see if it would be useful to my team now. It has so many features that we want, but this very basic notification problem is a dealbreaker! It is honestly baffling how this functionality was not implemented, given that their is already a per-user notification setting: “You were invited to a conversation or had a call”. So that’s great that people can be notified by email that a new conversation has been created, but (especially since there is no desktop Talk app) there must be a way to receive notifications that new messages have been sent without keeping the browser tab open all the time. We must be missing something here…

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Actually, Desktop Client + your OS notifications should be helpful here.

if you are referring to the “Show server notifications” in the desktop app, that’s a good idea. Unfortunately, most people I work with have barely heard of Nextcloud and are unlikely to install the app anytime soon. My plan is to introduce them to some of Nextcloud’s features as those features are beneficial to them. At the moment, file sharing and calendars are being used, and both of these use email to notify when files or calendar events are updated. For Talk to be useful without requiring everyone involved to install an app, email notifications are critical to “pull them in” to the Nextcloud interface to communicate with the team.

Hi! I mean Nextcloud Desktop app, which synchronises files but not only. When installed it pushes various notifications, including the Talk’s ones. Eg on this screenshot I show that I created a test conversation with a guest. I tried to make a call from the guest account to myself and missed the call. As well as a guest I sent a chat message indicating myself.


Another useful hint is to use allow browser notifications from the website with Nextcloud. Thus you may receive them at the level of the OS, as modern browsers integrate well. Eg, on Win10 you will be getting them in the standard panel on the right with sounds.


What is bad with Talk, is that I am missing notifications on the desktop, when they have been pushed at my mobile app…