Talk doesn't work, no ring tone?

Hi all,
I’m no coder, know nothing about Linux. After days of searching and trying to install Nextcloud server on Openshift, I failed , and today I found a tutorial, it’s so easy. I just uploaded “setup-nextcloud.php” into 000webhost, and boom, rest part is so easy.
Then I installed Talk function.
Then I created several users, all in admin group.
Then I tested between two users, with two Android cellphones (nextcloud talk.apk v3.1.1), sending text is ok, but audio call fails ---- caller sees “you started call…you joined the call”, receiver sees "@jack started a call…@jack joined the call ", but receiver gets nothing else, no ring tone or accept/decline icon or anything. Sometimes receiver only sees “@jack started a call”. Anyway, on both ends there’re no ring, no vibration.
That’s nearly my every step! Testing is within one wifi.
What did I miss?
Any help would be appreciated.

If you are both in the room/conversations and you are actively reading the chat messages you will not get the notification.

One person should leave and try then :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!
Just now I tried, after cellphones reboot, with receiver out of conversation, the call failed to ring on both ends.

Sounds pretty strange. Do you have Google Play Services on your phone, and Notifications app on your server?

Yes, I have them.

Hello, just gave this a go and I did receive notifications on one user’s device, but not on another. I then saw that the one with no notifications had Nextcloud Talk installed from F-Droid so I uninstalled and installed the Google play version. It then received notifications.
I hope this helps, but it’s a shame as F-Droid appears to have lots of obstacles put in its way in its bid to become an alternative to Google pay.
Good luck!

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Anything in Nextcloud logs?

Where is the log, please? I can’t find it.

Thanks for your help. I tried to install from another source, still the same.
There’re also some other unordinary things about this app: it never asks me for mic/cam permission; when in a conversation, the built-in back button does not work, I have to use cellphone’s back button. I don’t know if others experience the same problem.

Server log - either apache, nginx or something else.

Sounds super strange, especially since it’s the latest available version :frowning: