Talk doesn't work after update the talk app

Hi there,

after updating the Nextcloud Talk app to version 10.0.0 on several mobile devices ios and android), the app no longer works or can no longer be opened. The operating systems of the mobile devices have not yet been updated (iOS 11.4 and S8).

Is this a known issue? Thanks for any help.
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Hi @g-w-h-s

What Nextcloud Talk versions do you have installed in your mobile devices?

Thank you for your reply.

The problem is only with the newest Nextcloud Talk version on the mobile devices:

So I guess you are refering to the Talk iOS app.
Version 10.0.1 has been just released, but it should be available in the App Store (late) tonight or tomorrow.
Please, update your app to this version and let me know if the app still crashes on launch.

Hi Ivan,

thank you so much!
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Version 10.0.1 is already in the App Store.