Talk - Connection issues

I’m running a Nextcloud 16.0.4 instance with Nextcloud Talk (6.0.4) and getting different issues.

Talk works fine if I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu or Windows 10. With a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with Chrome on Android it works fine, too.

If I try to connect with Nextcloud Talk Android (6.1.6) to a video conference I’m getting for about 1 second sound and a video signal. After this second the app only shows Currently offline, please check your connectivity. This behavior can reproduced on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Fairphone 2. Both have last updates installed.

If I use Firefox Android or Chrome on Android with the S8 the battery drains fast and it’s like a slide show on the phone. Other people get a normal stream from the phone.

Any ideas, where are my mistakes?

Tested video call with Samsung Galaxy S7 via Chrome on Android and Nextcloud App. With Chrome itself get’s a smooth stream but all other get a slide show. Nextcloud Talk works really good.

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