Talk client on Android and web client notifications

Long time net admin here (25+ years), new to NextCloud though. I’d like to be able to recommend this as a platform for small businesses and nonprofits. However the notifications for the talk client just never seem to arrive. I look through any of the public forums and found a bunch of answers that didn’t really mean anything, and a couple things to try that didn’t work. I thought maybe if I reset it on the latest version removed the software and cache off of my phone and reinstalled that the problem might go away. No such luck. I’ve been able to get notifications to work for a very short period of time by resetting everything on the phone as far as notifications are concerned, but it lasts less than 24 hours. I have literally no idea where to find out what’s going wrong and would appreciate any help I can get. At this point I’m still just testing it out trying to make it work properly so there are two Google pixel phones, one is a pixel 4A fully updated, any other is a pixel 5 fully updated. The system itself is running from the docker container version using docker compose and a bind mount. The front end is being distributed through nginxproxymgr with it’s mostly default settings. I am not using fast cgi just the standard container.

I’m just running a small linode cloud machine, but have every intention of setting up coturn and calling and video chat but I have to get by this first.

It’s not the only problem I have sometimes when uploading files of any consequential size over 50 mb they just never seem to arrive through the talk client. It works fine through the web browser but not through the talk client at least on Android.

This was really easy to set up (kind of the appeal to it) and maybe I’m missing something in the nginx configuration, but I would think something like notifications would work out of the box and I see it a ton of posts about it not working properly.

I’m sure somebody else has seen this but I do not know how to solve it any help would be appreciated. Everything is on the latest version as I’ve only been running it for 3 months and upgraded it yesterday.