Talk change attachments folder

hi, when i create users in a group, and if i have activated talk for them, there is the attachment folder that appear for everyone in their home folder.

however, i don’t give a lot of space to the users, i only give them access to a group shared folder, so outside this folder they don’t have space. But the tallk folder is outside the shared folder, since it is automatically added in the home folder.

i would like to configure talk so that users will have the Talk folder inside the shared folder. Obviously that creates an issue in my side : the talk folder must be inside the shared folder too, but i don’t want all my talks conversations to be in this shared folder, which is just for one group

so, my question lead to another one : is it possible to have differents attachements folders for each conversations ?

I don’t find the option in settings, but i thought it might be possible from the server side directly ?

That would create a privacy issue, since everyone’s attachments would be available to everyone else, so think carefully about whether or not this is a good idea to change.

The default location is /Talk, but this can be changed on a per-user basis using Talk → Settings → Attachments folder.

This default location is hardcoded at apps/spreed/lib/Config.php. Notice the line it comes from;
return $this->config->getUserValue($userId, 'spreed', 'attachment_folder', '/Talk');

So if you want to manually change this for all users or a group of users, you can go straight to the database and add or update a line for each user in the {prefix}_preferences table using the parameters you see in that line above.


thanks for the answer :slight_smile: that would create a privacy issue indeed (and i will think about it), if there is only one talk folder. but, if there was the possibility to have different talk folders for each different conversations, that wouldn’t create any issue with privacy, i think

You would need to limit access to those individual folders to the participants in the applicable conversation, otherwise everyone would still have access to everyone’s files.