Talk Browser interface: Join/Leave Call Button won't toggle caption

That is basically it:
Clicking the “Join Call” Button won’t toggle the caption to "Leave Call"
The button can then not be used to leave the call.

Steps to reproduce

  1. in the Browser interface open the talk app
  2. Start a conversation by selecting another user
  3. Click “Join Call” to enter an Audio/Video call

Expected behaviour

The Join Call button should now toggle to Leave Call

Actual behaviour

The Button remains unchanged.


Windows 10 x64:
Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Chrome, Firefox, Safari

I have no idea wether this is due to a faulty server configuration on my side or if it is a genuine Talk issue. That’s why I am posting it here instead of filing it in the nextcloud/spreed issue section.

I think we know about this and we’ll release a fix “soon”. Thanks for posting about this!

Thanks! I am looking forward to the coming updates.
Keep up the good work!

This issue should be fixed in Nextcloud Talk version 3.2.1.

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