Talk between PCs can't be used

When I updated to NC18, there were significant restrictions on using Talk.

The problem is the connection from PC to PC. And smartphones are devices that do not have the Talk app installed.
I do not receive calls using any account. I rarely get a web browser notification that I’m asking for a response. If I enter Talk from the notification, I will not.
Users enter the Talk app. When I look at the user list there, the status itself seems to be responding to the incoming call. The main unit does not enter the receiving system. Even if the called party forcibly presses the call button at that time, the call is not received.

Is there a way to improve it?

I can use it from PC to smartphone (Talk app installed). However, speed is another story. Incoming calls from a PC to a smartphone are reasonably fast, but from a smartphone to a PC it is about 10 seconds slower. Still, use is possible.

Nextcloud 18.0.0, PHP7.3.14, nginx 1.16.1, Talk 8.0.1