Talk App only black screen

i have installed latest nc with talk app. I test on local network and on internet server, but i got only a black screen while connecting two contacts. ok read that i cant use it over firewall border, but in local lan it should work. I accept on IE and Firefox the cam and microphon and installed on android the talk app. i see local cam image, but not the remote one. On apache2 server i have not enabled http2.

any idea?

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Hi @Taste
Do you see any error logs in browser’s console?

it didnt answer your question, but i tested it with firefox <-> firefox and firefox <-> chrome browser in internal office lan, while the nc server is located outside and it works well. then i testet it from my andorid s7e with nc talk app and the same problem again, no video from android -> chrome, firefox…

So no video from android to chrome, but do you see the video from chrome in the android app?
Is your android phone connected to the same network as the chrome client?