Talk App Android und iOS

Hello dears, for a private cloud which is only used by friends and family, I am looking for someone who can adapt the apps for me so that no server has to be entered when registering, only the login name and password. Can anyone of you and could help me or create?

Hallo Ihr lieben, für eine private Cloud welche nur im Freundes und Familienkreis genutzt wird , suche ich jemanden , welche mir die Apps anpassen kann , so das bei der Anmeldung kein Server mehr eingegeben werden muss , sondern nur der Anmeldename und Passwort. Kann das jemand von euch und könnte mir dabei helfen oder erstellen ?

Hey @netboss
This surely is possible, but please keep in mind, that there are some problems with this (talking about iOS here), for example:

  • Changes (new features or bugfixes) need to be incorporated into your build of the app, you loose the automatic updates through the App Store when a new build is published by nextcloud
  • Push notifications won‘t be working
  • You need an developer account or enterprise account to publish/use the app

To be honest, I’m not sure it’s worth it. If you have many users and need this, a nextcloud subscription with branding would be the way to go.

There are some feature requests which might help you in the future:

Hi, thank you , but what i need is a talk app without the server adress field. The server shoud be fix.
So that user register at the cloud and only have to inseret the username etc… and pass .
For the first time it can be the Android App .
On the start page shoud be a text : " Please register" as link and the login field name and passw.

Sorry, no android dev here, but to make this clear: you really think this is worth it, even if you loose push notifications and updates?

Hello and sorry for replying so late. Well, the app is for a small circle. Unfortunately, some users always complained that the server had to be entered. We’re talking about normal, non-technically interested users or the neighbor next door. I think that once you’ve gotten that right, the user doesn’t have to enter the domain, that this is also possible in an update version if you explain to me how I have to do this and where. So you can distribute the update yourself. I would like to find someone here who can create this for me or help me to do this myself by telling me what and where to change it and how.