Talk API - Problem creating rooms

Hi there,

we have updated our system to NC 21.0.1 and to Talk 11.1.2

The thing is that we are trying to create new rooms using PHP and curl functions with abnormal results.

All the actions made through the Nextcloud API works as expected unless the creation of new rooms.

The behaviour is the following:

We send a POST request to the endpoint /room (talk api v3) with the following parameters:

roomType, invite, source and roomName. The thing is that if we try to create a roomType 2 (group room) the parameter roomName is ignored and the room displayed name gets the value from the group name.

If we remove the “invite” parameter, then room gets the desired name.

Also, with the Talk API we do not get any response code after any API call,

Any help with this?

Thank you!