Talk Android Version 12.3.0 Play Store

Sorry, if I didn’t found it, but:
When does Version 12.3.0 of the Talk Android App come to the Play Store?
On my Android 11 Sony Xperia 5 II the newest Version is 12.2.1.
With 12.2.1 I cannot login into Talk 12 on Nextcloud 22.2.0.


You can try f-droid version on your phone or download old versions from here:

That doesn’t answer my question.
I’m already using the apk/f-droid version, but it has no notifications.
And I’m also already using the Nextcloud Services App. But it drains the battery unnecessarily and the notifications are not linked to any app. Also unnecessarily cumbersome to me.

I solved it. My pi.hole was to restrictive.
Android Talk needs access to and