Talk Android-app: No notification of calls, but of text messages

Text messages are delivered directly to the android device and there is an immediate notification. However, calls are only sometimes notified, mostly if the Android Talk app is open or was recently. This has nothing to do with “optimize the battery”. Because first I deactivated the option for Talk and secondly the text message would have to be displayed with a delay. When the app is open and the tablet is off, calls are signaled for a while. At some point, however, no longer, just text messages. Why is that and how can you change it? Any ideas?

Nextcloud: 18.0.2
Nextcloud-Talk (server-app): 8.0.5
Nextcloud-Talk (Android): 8.0.3
Android: 8 (several devices)
STUN-Server: standard
TURN-Server: own Coturn-Server