Talk Android app ignores locale timestamp format from user settings

I’m starting to onboard Talk since I upgraded to Nextcloud 23.0.0. I’ve distributed the Android app for Talk (from the Google Play Store) to my users, 13.0.0. So far it’s working great, I like that the Conversations screen shows relative timestamps, and see that feature requests for that within a Conversation are upcoming.

However, on the Android client alone - from the Nextcloud web interface, this does not occur - Talk seems to be ignoring my user’s Locale setting which has a 12-hour time format, and next to each message, Talk is always showing a timestamp using a 24-hour clock format.

I searched and didn’t see anything in the app settings, the Github issues, or on the community about this. I’m not sure if this is an issue or a feature request, but it does seem to be specific to the mobile client (I don’t have iOS devices to test on to see if it’s Android-only).