Takes too much long - the app switch

when I switch from a standard app like calendar to files, it happens more often that it takes a long time until the file overview opens. This also happens when I switch from Talk to Dashboard. So with no particular switching between the app, but sometimes this way, sometimes that way. Does anyone know a reason why sometimes it takes a very long time (this morning switching from Talk to Dashboard took 188 seconds), the next moment within 2 seconds?

If you have installed the caching module, it can be faster if the same content has been generated just before and longer if it it hasn’t. Positive side would be that your caching works. Negative, that in other cases it is really slow.
Why is it this slow? You need to check your logfiles and look for some hints. You can also check the system use of CPU/RAM/disk-IO when it takes that long. Could be that you just dedicated too little RAM to the database but it can something completely different as well…