Tagging & sharing .... Multiple feature suggestions / requests

Hi all - I’ve been spending some time recently tagging my family photo collection (vast!). I like that fact that I can very quickly get a list of photos simply by selecting a tag or two, however once I have a list of files based on my tag selection what I want to be able to do is:

  1. Multi-select from that list … and then:

  2. Share them (multiple files) with a link (single link), WITHOUT having to move/copy them to another folder.

  3. Move them to another folder if required.

What would also be nice is if when viewing the content of a folder you could simply type in the name of a tag in the search bar to filter the folder for that tag. It could be that you prefix the search term somehow to indicate that you want to search specifically for a tag, for example: “tag:harry”, or “@harry”, or “!harry” … something along those lines.

Hope this makes sense. Is there some existing way of achieving this functionality? Is this the correct forum to submit new feature ideas?