seemingly lost all data so far

Hi !
I use nc nl digital tab for a year, before with the web interface, and now with Nextcloud’s software. But, I tried to show a friend the web interface, and there are no files and no folders. Fortunately, all my files and folders are reachable from the Nextcloud’s software.

Here, a screenshot :

Thanks for helping !

seemingly had a major problem. they were down for around 2 days.

after they came back up again all files were gone (maybe a headcrash and no backup?).

so as this is only asking the crystalball (aka: guessing) there’s no help to ask directly - there is NOTHING we can do about it here on the forums, I’m afraid

Thanks for this fast answer!
I’ll put all my files in another cloud, waiting nc nl digital tab works better…

I wrote an email to Tab.Digital. No answer.

I think there is “only” an problem with the web interface.
You can use WebDAV and the app. You can copy all data back to home or to another cloud.

Perhaps the server works. But i have no account there.
Perhaps it is also time to find another hoster.

For all nextclouds make a backup or buy a nextcloud from a hoster with backup.

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I create a webo account, is it good ?