problems synchronizing and crashes

I’ve tried using Nextcloud with a free (which I still use a bit) and a paid account. I thought Nextcloud was useful enough that I wanted to start moving my family over to it which is why I bought a multi user account.

Sadly the synchronisation with my Synology NAS never worked properly and didn’t seem all that interested in finding out why - like maybe having a chat with Synology or lokking at the their logs or whatever. But who knows if this was even a Synology problem. I worked some of the time with lots of files and then failed on a lot of other files. (also a problem that Nextcloud didn’t record very useful informaiton about this problem).

So with all the sync problem some temporary files and log files filled up all my space and the instance just stopped working (of course). There was no warning from either Nextcloud itself or and it took a good few days to work out that space was the problem and increase the space while we tried to fix it. They said nextcloud wasn’t configured to send a message when it was running out of disk space. Why not?

The next problem was when Nextcloud or the server it was on (virtual I assume) crashed. Again I got no message from either Nextcloud or and it took a few days to get that fixed. They said the server setup wasn’t configured to send them a message when it went down so I had to tell them if it happened. Why is that on me?

So I am dissapointed all the way around. Friendly, and I think trying to be helpful but it just didn’t feel like a serious setup for me as a customer.

/ Duncan
( I won’t be actively watching this forum for answers, but have my contact details and I still enjoy the free account which has strangely been more stable )

And I just noticed that the free account I use from seems to be on version 20, which is not even supported any more. So this is all very strange from a paid host.

You can check the Nextcloud version.


} is on version Nextcloud 21.0.5

Please check your Nextcloud server.

Thanks @devnull I can see that my free account is actually og 21.0.7 ( ).

Yes. And it is still supported.

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