System upgrade broke PHP and Nextcloud

I’m using NextCloudPi and just did an update/upgrade on Raspbian 11 and now PHP seems to be broken. The web GUI simply shows this:

And the web GUI for NextCloudPi reads this, show a few broken elements and asks me to run the setup wizard:

I guess I upgraded from PHP 7.3 to 7.4 but I’m not sure and actually don’t know how to query for an installed version of a package. A quick search showed that this is a somewhat common problem, but I have absolutely no idea what to do and don’t want to damage the system any further.

But I did try what’s in the following post, but to no avail: PHP 7.4 solution - #5 by plutocrat.

Sorry for the bare info, if you hit me with the right command to reveal package versions, I’ll gladly provide them. I’m not used to Debian-based distros so please have mercy.

EDIT: I followed this guide to update to PHP 7.4 and now I can access the NextCloudPi admin web GUI again, but the login web GUI still shows an “internal server error”: Upgrade to PHP 7.4 · Wiki · nextcloud / passwords · GitLab.

That will not work. You need to install NCP (Buster) again and restore your backups. NCP was not upgraded to Bullseye yet.

Pls, see this thread

Really? Have I missed a memo or where were the warnings, not to do a usual version upgrade, because it completely breaks Nextcloud? Is there any way of downgrading to Buster or do I really have to reinstall everything because I did an upgrade?

Think of NCP as an appliance instead of an app you install on top of an OS. If you install NCP on debian or if you are using one of their images, you should use the tools they provide to administer and upgrade it. The ncp-upgrade script, mentioned in the post before yours, doesn’t only take care of Nextcloud upgrades, it also takes care of OS upgrades and all the necessary changes in NCP itself.

Maybe you could try to run the ncp-upgrade script after you upgraded to buster…? But I’m not sure if that’s gonna work out. Maybe others can help with that…

As @bb77 said NextCloudPi is an appliance.
In all appliances you shoud use the tools provided to manage the appliance.
That tools does not upgrade NextCloudPi to Bullseye yet.
When do you use other means to manage the appliance you are on your own and usually the result is not good.

Thanks for the clarification. I unfortunately ended up reinstalling. But now I know.

NextCloudPi tends to be conservative when it comes to stability.
The current OS version is Debian 10 (Buster)
The current Nextcloud version is 22.2.2.
Updating will only be done when all known issues are fixed.
As NextCloudPI is a volunteer community it also takes time and there are no fixed release dates.
Any help with fixing problems and testing the development versions is welcome.