System collapse from approx. 5 users

Hallo, my nextcloud 21 goes down, if i up/downlod with 5 Laptops and 1 Smartphone.
How can i increase the limit of simultaneously usable clients per user?

Its the same on a V40 V-Server at strato or on the nextcloud system of ionos (both strong machinges)

i mean, that there is a load-limi, where the system crashes - not only become slow - but even go offline for some minutes

Andy Ideas?


You can use caching to reduce the load on the system, there are some points in the documentation (Memory caching — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation).

You didn’t say what crashed, but if you look for some details (logfiles etc) you’ll probably find a few tips how to improve your configuration.

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When you’re using PHP-FPM there is a limit in the PHP-FPM pool config (pm.max_children). On Debian/Ubuntu the default is 5. Which is very low and can lead to timeouts and errors.

I would suggest to check that setting.

Hallo, thank you. I think the problem was my internet a few days ago.
Now Strato V40 V-Server runs with 10 clients “stresstest” - all running fine and save.
Best wishes. Stefan