System Address Book + Sync


Currently I have my NC 15 system setup to use IMAP authentication of users, so users are created upon using their normal business email. Working great!

However, I am yet to find a way of creating a global address book, I really wanted all users who are active on the system to be a part of a global address book.

I’ve found the occ command: dav:sync-system-addressbook
This reports that it’s syncing users.

What and where is this address book as I can’t find it anywhere? Is it something that can be shared with all others?

Thank you for any guidance, I’ve searched the internet and documentation and found little to nothing on this problem so raising the question here for clarity.

I know this is a little late, but I was just searching to see if any such thing exists. I read the documentation on that OCC command and I dont think it offers what you are looking for because it appears to exist as a migration utility to upgrade the address book format in the NC13 release ( I could be mistaken but that is my assessment at first glance ).

As I mull over the possibilities I think the best solution may be to implement a bridge that syncs carddav to ldap contacts. While carddav is great for email clients and other situations, it is printers where this becomes trying – no printer in my office supports carddav but all of them support ldap. In Nextcloud I maintain contacts in a shared contact list already, so it would only require setting up a simple bridge. In this google groups post I found some php that is a good start to pull off a sync to ldap, but it could use some work.!topic/sabredav-discuss/Dv1lC1P8aoQ

If you wanted to automate such a thing you can setup a local webserver listening on and execute a GET or POST request with a crontab. Perhaps it could be tied into nextcloud as an app to run live updates on-demand as well. If I end up doing anything with this I will post back to here.

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@drewlander Thank you for looking and getting back to me on this. It’s very much appreciated.

Currently, I am using NC with the ext_auth connector for our IMAP server, LDAP isn’t being used and printers aren’t an issue. (I know what you mean about MFPs and LDAP though)

At least you’ve given me more understanding of the OCC sync command being a migration tool.

Right now I’ve integrated RainLoop as the email client into NC as it’s way better than the official one, it comes with its own contacts management, albeit also a little lacking for group purposes. So I’ll have to figure something out that connects all these elements together.

Thoughts are using RainLoop contact database as MySQL instead of SQLite and making an extension for RainLoop that can give email group list abilities, whilst also importing all Email Users from IMAP to have a master global catalogue of such.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a pressing concern compared with everything else on my plate, but should I get the time to investigate I’ll also update this post for others.