Synology RS 1219+ AND NC24 AND Linux Kernel

I can’t update to the newest NC version because of my linux kernel verison in my Synology RS 1219+

Linux NAS 3.10.105 #25556 SMP Sat Aug 28 02:15:59 CST 2021 x86_64 GNU/Linux synology_avoton_rs1219+

After version 22.1., the support from NC for old Kernel versions are stoped.

Now I need advice what I could do to keep runing NC on a Synology.

  • I could buy a new RS wich support the newset NC version. How do I fint out what Kernel version is installed on a RS?
  • Is there a alternativ way to run the NC on my “old” Synology dispite the fact that the kernel is too old?
  • any other ideas?

What I would not like is running a nc on a rasp or something else. My setup is “unfortunately” alls done with synology Docker.

Thanks for the help and advices

Nextcloud does not depend on a specific Linux kernel rather the version of certain features (e.g. php version):