Syncronization errors / User Interface not helpful? / Find Root Cause?


After using several years owncloud we decided to try Nextcloud. However already the first synchronization returns several errors for files and the user interface is not really understanable in all aspects, or do I miss something?

What we have done
A first user created the root folders and uploaded all files via the Windows Desktop Client
Already there we had some errors, dont know why, it is only uploading files.

The problems we have
Then other users synced the folders, also with their Windows Desktop Client.
The problems we have
1: There are several files which could not be synced, all with the error “The download file does not match the checksum, it will be resumed”. However, also after 10 Syncronizations it remains. What does this error mean? When I search the admin manual or user manual for the word “checksum”, then nothing is found. When I search some other forums topics, other users are asking the same question, however there is no clear answer.
I am wondering about this, nextcloud is sold as business solution, why is there no information about these bugs and how to solve it?
And up to now we did not heavily work on it, just upload and download and this fails for some files.

2: UX
About the UX: The error message do not show the full path of the files. This makes it very hard to find the file, which causes the problems. Is there no way to show the full path? Is there now way simply to show a clear list of each file?

thanks for any feedback and help