Syncing vs remote accessing files

Dear NextCloud Community and GmbH

Smart Sync and derivations of it, have been around for weeks, months and years, depending on the product, by now.
NextCloud still lacks such a feature, which is a good and a bad thing at the same time.
Bad because there is no such feature to use yet, good because one can think in a broader context and observe the setbacks of the other implementations.

My own use case is that I need my Documents and Backups accessible on all of my devices, but as its a lot of Data, I can not sync everything to, e.g. my smartphone, so I need the possibility to see and search for all my files on all my devices and access them when ever I need to. But some files are very important, critical and have to be synced to most, if not all of my devices, whilst others should always stay on my remote backup location and should only be accessed on demand.

All my files/folders should be visible on all devices all the time as if they where physically present and have the option to either be:

  1. synced
  2. synced on demand (streamed and saved on access, see Virtual File System from OwnCloud:
  3. remotely accessed (like a network share in a LAN, e.g. 10TB wedding Videos which I want to stream/watch on a device with limited storage space; like a WEBDav/FTP Integration under the same UserInterface/VirtualFileSystem)

What would you think, should NextCloud push out a feature like this?
And if not, what speaks against it?

Greetings from Austria


I have a prospective client who is looking for exactly this functionality. Might need to go with owncloud because of it.