Syncing tasks with Thunderbird Lightning


I’m trying to connect my NextCloud tasks to Thunderbird Lightning. Is there any way to do this?


I remember in Thunderbird I had to use something like this for the calendar config:


instead of this (provided by nextcloud calendar setting “Primary caldav addres”):


I think I got this hint somewhere in a lightning or thunderbird forum.


edit: I realize that I may have understood your question wrongly, you wrote about the tasks only


You need to use the CalDAV link associated with the task list. You can find this by clicking the … on the task list name, and then selecting the CalDAV-Link in the drop down menu. The link looks like this,


Add a new calendar in Thunderbird. The settings should be, ‘On the Network’, then ‘CalDAV’. Add the link to the location field.

Thanks, I got it figured out. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Apparently I didn’t get the mails back then.