Syncing one (SMB) Folder between two Servers

Hi Guys,

I have an specific Task for my two nextcloud servers.

My current Setting:

I have one NC Server at home, that my Smartphone syncs all the taken pictures directly on my Homeserver (which is connected via SMB à External Storage in the Settings)

Currently I’m configuring an Server for my Sister, for the same tasks. She has a NAS System, which will be connected via SMB à External Storage.

My Problem:

I want to Backup my Pictures on my Sisters NAS System and vice versa.

Can I define an Sync Job for those specific Folders from my Nextcloud to hers?

If anyone has an Idea how to do that, this would help me quite a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Yours Fersn

you are lucky, today Nextcloud announced a Backup app which is doing exactly what you are looking for… the only drawback: it’s beta now an designed for NC23…

If you are not willing to wait I’m not aware of of any “ready to go” solution. If you are not looking for backup but rather for sharing it’s the same, federation may fulfill your needs.

Wow. Yes, this app is what I’m looking for.
So, let’s hope Version 23 is coming soon.
I assume it won’t take that long.

Thanks very much wwe for your reply.

Seems like im not that lucky.
I want to sync the data from an smb mounted share from one nextcloud to another.

My setup:

  1. Nextcloud server with ldap users accessing document and picrurefolders with ldap credentials.

  2. Nextcloud with local users and mounted smb share with pictures

I want to copy the pics from one destination to the other.
Is this possible?