Syncing Nextcloud Contacts/Calendar via Google Contact Android App - Privacy/Data Protection

[Question] Privacy/Data protection: I am using Nextcloud mainly, as I would like to avoid Mainstream cloud solutions with potential privacy issues.

On my Android phone I would like to use both Nextcloud Contacts and Calendar via DAVx Synchronization. Therefore, I need ultimately to use a dedicated Contacts and Calendar App. As I am using an Android phone, my pre-installed Apps are Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Both work fine with Nextcloud/DAVx.

Now, as I access my Calendar entries and Contacts via the Google Apps, I would think that automatically this information is being synced with Google servers. Therefore, I would - again - share this private data with Google. Is this correct?

Do I need to install a non-Google Calendar and Contacts App in order to avoid sharing the above mentioned data with Google servers?

Or would it be enough to deactivate manually the syncing mode on my phone of my Google Calendar and Contacts Apps?

Thank you for your help!

Although you’re using a Google app for displaying data it not automatically means that the data is synced or send to or via Google. You’re setting-up a Nextcloud account in parallel to an existing Google account. As long as you make sure that you’re not allowing Google to access/sync your data in parallel, it will not be send to their servers.

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Yes, I thought so. However I had some doubts about it. I simply turned off any synchronization with Google and continue using the standard Google contact app. As for the calendar app, I chose a non-Google app anyway now. Thanks for your help!
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