Syncing game-savefiles between two PCs

Hello everyone,

I am using a synced folder to sync savegames between my two PCs of a game.
It worked so far, that whenever I saved a file, it synced to the other PC and the cloud and vise versa.
Now I have moved to another server-host and reinstalled a new version of nextcloud.
Everytime I save my game, the savefile won’t upload with the error “The File you tried to sync was …” - I can’t read the full message, but it think it is “the file was deleted while sync” or something like this.

Forcing the sync will do the job.

You can try to get more information in the logfiles:

A problem can be if the file is still changed during the sync process. If it works after a force sync, does it also work if you wait a bit for the next sync?