Syncing files, ignoring errors

With Nextcloud 23.0.12 on a Debian 11 server, macOS 12.3.1 client with latest version, I see what I’ve seen repeatedly over a long time (read: years). If Nextcloud is interrupted by some error, that be it a connection closed from the server, some issues with reading a file (crypto or whatever), a conflict, bad weather, covid, you name it, then it stops the whole sync operation and asks you to fix it, now. At the moment, I just chose to remove some gigs from sync to release disk space on my disk (it’s very full). Nextcloud starts syncing and is interrupted and atm it’s not a single error, so it’ll take a while to sort it out. But since it just stops, it won’t remove the local files I don’t need, even though there aren’t anything wrong with those files as far as I know. Instead it pops up this little dialog and tells me ‘errors on these files’, and the dialog isn’t even resizable. AFAICT there’s no log either, so sometimes I have to guess to find the right filename.

This is extremely tedious and reminds me of trying to copy a large directory tree on Windows 95 and getting interrupted every time something happened.

Is it possible to somehow tell nextcloud to just ignore the errors and let me figure out them later? I know something might be broken, but it’s my data, after all, and the most important thing is that the thing works to sync the rest of the data, of which it’s a lot.