Syncing Favorites: File gets locked when device is offline

Problem: When die iOS-Device is offline, i can open and edit files (e.g. annotating PDFs with PDF Viewer app) that have been opend via the Files app or the Nextcloud app. When i leave the app i used to edit the file, it gets locked (greyed out with an synchronization error message) and no further opening oder editing is possible, until the device gets online to synchronize the file.

Since the file being edited is marked as an favorite (yellow star) and offline availability for favorites is activated in the settings, it is available on the device (as intended) even if the device is offline. Unfortunately, changes to the file don’t seem to be passed to the local copy (in the Nextcloud app) to be synchronized later when the device gets online again. Instead, the file gets locked and storing is paused till the Nextcloud-Server is available for synchronization.

I’m not shure if this is a bug or a missing feature, but this file-lock can be fatal if the user gets offline for a longer time an expects his localy stored, offline available favorites to be accessible even if being edited.
Apple iCloud-Drive behaves correctly in the same workflow: here the file still remains available and editable even if the device is offline, it gets synced when the device is onlline again.

Any ideas?