Syncing database files

I am using a literature managing database (citavi) which automatically saves each time any change has been made. Syncing this database via the synchronization client creates a lot of data traffic. When I have only a 3G mobile connection available this data traffic is simply too much and blocks everything else. I would like to pause synchronization of this one particular database file and manually restart it only before turning off my computer.

However, pausing is only possible for the entrie account. Using this option means I have to restart it (‘force sync now’) and wait for a long time until all directories have been scanned and synchronized.

Another possibility would be to define the particular databyse type of file as ignored in the ignored files editor and redefine it as no longer to be ignored later. However, this appears difficult and risky, not really suitable as a daily routine.

Finally, I could use a separate cloud only for this particular database and pause only this. This requires additional fees.

So none of these solutions really satisfy me. Is there any other one?