Syncing data through app isn't working

I’m using syncing client on my Ubuntu Phone. I can log in fine, all directories
recognized but I can’t upload a thing and it’s not giving me any errors. In this
case i would assume it’s a permission error since when I tap on “sync” it reaches
out to the server for few seconds and then it stops. Upload usually takes
few minutes hence I know the upload silently failed. I reckon it can’t be permission error because I used the same configuration for OwnCloud and it worked just fine. Nextcloud is forked OwnCloud right.

The upload works just fine through browser but can’t get it to work through the client.

Is there any setting I should check ?

Hmmm, I have no idea about the Ubuntu phone but oC and Nc have diverged a lot in the last years so I could imagine the same configuration might not work… Though, on the other hand, I suppose it just uses WebDAV so it should work.

You should look at logs, both local and on the server…

I’ve looked at the logs. The logs didn’t reveal anything that would tip me off about the problem I’m facing. No mention about refused external connection or anything of that nature.

You could try creating an app password, but I’m not sure it’ll make a difference. Any logs on the device?

I gotta reach out to Ubuntu Touch community regarding to this. I don’t know if UBsync (the client) keeps logs anywhere. Will report back.