Syncing Android Contacts between google and nextcloud

Is there a way to sync gmail/google contacts with nextcloud contacts?

I 've seen from this thread how I can load my contacts to nextcloud. But how do I manage to sync changes I do to my google contacts to nextcloud contacts and visa versa?

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You can Import these to Google contacts by default,but manually. But syncing to Google? I dont know. I use davdroid for my Android Device to sync my contacts with nextcloud. Maybe possible on this way.

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Like @Lars_M mentioned DAVDroid would be the way to go, being in the Nextcloud Android app simply go to settings->setup Contacts/Calendar Sync which will detect if DavDroid is installed and if not opens the respective/available app store (Google Play or F-Droid). The app is paid on Google Play (to support development) and free on F-Droid.