Synchronizing Nextcloud calendar with Android device ? Alternative to DAVx?

Hi everyone,

I want to synchronize the calendar on my android smartphone with my Nextcloud calendar… The instructions I found tell me to install DAVx, which is not free…
Isn’t there a free app allowing me to do so ?!

I have the Nextcloud mobile app on my android device.

I can’t believe I have to pay to synchronize my smartphone to my NC calendar…


Is free in F-Droid Appstore

Yes thank you.
But isn’t there a free alternative to DAVx5 which I could install from GooglePlay/Apple Store ?

I need to find an easy solution which would work for most users.

Thank you for your help

Since you already have a nextcloud instance, you could host the apk file yourself, then your users need only click to install from their phone.

Try Open Sync on the Google Play Store.
It’s a fork of DavX5

It’s a one time payment and does support the develeopers of the app. If you do not want to pay and do not want to install the F-Droid-Store app either, you can download it directly from F-Droid’s Website Obviously if you install it that way you won’t get notified when updates are available.

OpenSync was last updated in 2017. I would not recommend using it.

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OpenSync was last updated in 2017. I would not recommend using it.

Oh jeez yeah, probably not a good idea…

im using OneCalendar (free from play store) from 6 months without issue and it works like a charm.
widget is awsome