Synchronize to SD Card under Max OS (Mojave)


I’m new to nextcloud and just installed the desktop client yesterday. Everything worked smoothly - until I selected the folder for Sychronization. I need to synchronize the cloud data to an SD card (not the Mac Hard Disk).
There seems to be a problem with nextcloud accessing the SD card. Details see below.

Thank you so much in advance for ideas and tipps!

After installing Nextcloud, connecting with the https://… and selecting The Folder for Synchronisation:
I got a red X as an icon because Nextcloud app could not assess the SD card.

I formatted the SC card twice, deinstalled and installed the program again, booted the computer. No change.

“SD Card” can’t be opened because the original item can’t be found.

If you select “Aktivität” and then click on Zugriff/Volumes (where there is also a red X) - Browser öffnen the following message appears:
Die URL /Volumes/SDKarteA konnte aufgrund eines Fehlers beim Start des Browsers nicht aufgerufen werden. Ist vielleicht kein Standardbrowser konfiguriert?

There seems to be a problem with the access rights.
I set the access rights of the SD card:
everyone “Lesen & Schreiben”
It is formatted MAC OS extended.

The SD card itself ist working. I can move/remove/access files without problems.

Nextcloud version Version 2.6.2stable (build 20191224)
Operating system and version macOS Mojave 10.14.6

Okay - besides the SD card being a totally inadequate for synchronizing your NC folder and you don’t mind blowing the card, due to excessive writes - keep in mind, that there’s also a hidden sqlite database in your NC sync folder, which gets written to frequently. Have you tried to create a folder on the SD Card and use that as your sync target?

If that doesn’t help, there should be an option to ignore all permissions on that volume, if that’s an HFS+ one, which you can set after you openend the padlock in the permission preferences in the info dialog.

However… I really advise against synching to a SD card - they’re simply not made for that - regardless of what the manufacturers are bragging otherwise.