Synchronization stops before ending

My NextCloud windows client stops synchronizing files when it reaches 11838 files over 11884.

How can I find the root cause of the problem ?

How can I solve it ?


did you check the log output for an error that looks related to this? Probably the client sops at a big file that is bigger than your upload limit.

The .nextcloudsync.log file size is 0 !
Is there a file on the sever ?

/var/www/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log is the typical location. The log is in json code so its hard to read. Use something like jq to read it:

cat /var/www/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log |jq

You may have to install jq from your software repo.

The nextcloud.log was modified on february 11th.
But there was a bad value of memory_limit in the fpm/php.ini.
After correction, the problem has changed slightly : the client find 48 file to synchronize and do nothing.
Is there a way to know what files are processed ?

The .nextcloud.log file size is 0 !

check the nextcloud log in administrative settings/logging in the webinterface