Synchronization of file contents using WebDav


in my envisioned application, I want to manage a folder containing text files. These text files can be accessed by multiple persons at any time (e.g. using a client NextCloud application on a mobile device). A common management process would read two specific text files, do a diff and then add back a specific, filtered portion of the diff back into each file.

Now, the problem arises when during processing one of the busy text files has been changed externally. After completing the management, writing back the filtered contents would override the changes made meanwhile.

Using the documentation from this link below, I managed to setup a headless NextCloud file synchronization using WebDav technology:

Using snapshots of text files and comparing them with the possibly updated text files, I’m trying to detect external modifications and avoid overriding of contents. But unfortunately, WebDav seems extremely slow and thus I see no way of using it for synchronization of files which are modified externally by multiple people.

Is there another way to use NextCloud in synchronization of text files like in the described situation? WebDav seems not good enough. A standard NextCloud-Client might do the job, as it would be faster and there would be “conflict” files indicating the necessity for manual correction. But I wanted to avoid any windowing system. Headless would be preferred.

My goal would be to avoid discarding user inputs within their files while synchronizing the file contents of then out-dated versions.

Try using the desktop clients.


Did it. It works fine. No need for WebDav.