Synchronization issue


I’ve an isue with my synchronization.

Actually i have use the Nextcloud application for Ubuntu to synchronize one folder.
This folder is share with another user of my cloud.

  1. In this folder i have another folders.
  2. The synchronization on the cloud is good the folder “Schéma” is on my cloud since my Laptop
  3. On my laptop i copy all the files in a folder “Schémas”
  4. Now i have two folder “Schémas” and “Schéma”
  5. On my laptop i decided to delete “Schémas” but the synchronization doesn’t work

My issue :

  • On my computer the folder “Schéma” is deleted
  • On my cloud the folder “Schéma” is undeletable, when i refresh the webpage it appears again…
  • My desktop application notify me that it can’t synchronize the folder “Schéma”

On my Nextcloud access log i had a 404 code in my log for the delete action.
On my Nextloud data-folder, in my user directory, the folder “Schéma” doesn’t exists…

My collegue a deleted the folder “Schéma” on his laptop and he hasn’t any problem with is synchronization…

If you had any idea or if you need any information.

Thank you for helping

Could be the reason, that the folder, you want to delete, is a shared folder? Did you try to delete the shareing inside you Nextcloud web ui and delete the folder afterwards?

But you were the one who shared the folder right? So it is indeed one that belongs to your user account?


Yes i had try to delete the folder from the web UI ans that’s action return 404 error in log.
Because the folder doesn’t exist on my laptop or in my own directory in my data-nextcloud folder on my serveur…

Yes i’m the owner o the folder.
Yes, i had try to unshare the root folder and delete the problematic folder but it doesn’t work.

The problematic folder only exists on my web UI. Maybe in the database ?

Thanks for your answer !