Synchronisation setup

Hi all,

I’m using 2 PCs, so my wife and I have both photos and data on the PCs. Unfortunately the disk space is not enough to hold both datasets on just one PC. Now I want to synchronize both datasets to out family nextcloud. I guess, that from this point on, both PCs will run out of storage capacity due to download synchronisation.

What do you recommend? What might be the best way to set it up? Are there options to only upload files without any download sync?


Assuming you need the data on all machines, you could add more disk space.

Otherwise, you could unselect various directories on the clients you don’t need to sync. Example, unselect movies and raw photography collection to prevent them syncing on your phone.

I don’t need all data on all machines, only files in cloud should bei complete, is there an option to just upload from PC
1 and 2, but avoid download? If so where can I find the option?

Four ways come to mind to work around this :

  • You could use Virtual files on machines that don’t have sufficiant disk space.

  • You could connect your Nextcloud via WebDAV instead of using the Desktop Client.

  • You could use a third party WebDAV client like

  • You could not connect your Nextcloud at all, and use a web browser.

Thanks for your help, I’m using now a external drive and virtual files. Everything works as expected.

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