Synchronisation of XAMPP Fails

is it possible, that the Nextcloud Client does not support the synchronisation of every file?
I have a local XAMPP version saved in my cloudfolder, wich i want to synchronise back and fourth between my computers. This XAMPP should only create a development environment for a website, wich should be only accessable in the Lan-network. Nextcloud seems to only syncronise a part of it. It has especially problems with:

The Nextcloudclient says in the activity tab, that they are all on the ignorelist. Then of course i looked in the settings, to take them out of the ignorelist, but i could only add types, but not delete them. All of them were grayed out and some of them like the php_cs … were not even on the list.
Now iam not sure what to do about it. Are there any solutions to this?