Sync with Office 365 get stuck unless using -f

Hello all,

We are facing problems with mail sync with an Office 365 server, the syncing takes a LOONG time and the server closes the connection due to timeout.

But if I use the -f (force) modifier, the sync works flawlessly:

GOOD News: this problem went away…
BAD news: Cant sync with Off365 anymore, at all.

Workaround: We disabled the mail app at our cloud as in the current state its useless.

Microsoft shut down support for password auth of O365 accounts. I assume this affected you as well last month. We are working on it.

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Microsoft 365 changes Oct 1 2022 and the effect on this app · Issue #6591 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub if you want to follow the ticket

Awesome, thank you… will follow that link.