Sync tool OSX and performance [owncube]

hullo all, I use NextCloud hosted by on three Macs and two Mobile devices. Now when one of the Macs has the OSX Sync Tool running, NextCloud Web performance drops down to almost unuseable, like logout one account and login another account can take 5 Minutes.
Now the Sync tool is a very fine app and I’d like to use it.

Is anyone else experiencing sync tool and NextCloud web access are not a very smooth working combo?

You mean you just mount the webdav in your file system (apple+k) or a specific software?

Depending on the server, if you send a lot of requests, it can saturate at some point. Like this it is hard to say if the sync tool is perhaps flooding too many queries to the server or if the server easily saturates.
I have use the (apple+k) in finder, it was working, somehow it created some queries that were non-standard for webdav. I don’t really remember, but it wasn’t so bad that it blocked the whole server.

Not sure if it is possible to use the sync tool on the test instances on if you experience the same issues there as well.

thank you and no, I mean using the official NextCloud Sync Client. It grew to 11GB but not many files are changed or accessed very often. Using (apple-K) webdav connection could be a good idea. But then I may also keep the web client open all the time.

Ah, with the official client it should work. 11 GB doesn’t seem a reasonable amount of data that a server should be able to handle (if it is just one device).

To self-hosting user, I’d recommend to check the logs and also check if all the caching mechanisms in the database as well as the caching services (APCU/redis) are properly installed and configured. In hosting environments, this is not possible. I’d confront your hoster, what they say about that.