Sync stopped on upgrad to 15.03

NC Server is 15.03 on UB18.04 LEMP stack.
NC Client - Android 6.0.1 - NCApp 3.5.1

In the upgrade from 13 to 15 I changed the domain name and implemented web encryption (getting serious about this :wink:
13 had broke and is now out of sync with my mobil app.
Pics taken since 13 went down are not being uploaded.
New pics are not being uploaded.

Is there a way to force a resync/audit?

ok, maybe I was just impatient :frowning:
New pics are going up.
The missed pics I manually sent up (shared).

But the question still remains, is there a way to force a resync/audit?

Afaik there is no central way to force a sync. A folder is automatically synced/updated if it is accessed. A small indicator at the top under the header bar shows the synchronization process only if it last a little bit longer. by moving small dots from the left to the right