Sync of shared calendars

Asked this in the support category, probably should have been here instead.

I have a new setup, upgraded from OC 6, which seemed to stop working with an upgrade to Fedora 26. Go figureā€¦

Anyhow, I have nextcloud 10.0.4 instance running. I have a shared family calendar along with individual calendars for everyone. Accessing the calendars through the web page works great. If I update entries on the family calendar through the web page, it works correctly (I have the calendar shared with write permission.) But, on our phones I can add, delete, or modify entries on my own calendar and they synchronize (via CalDAV android app) to the server just fine. But, updates to the shared calendar appear to work on the phone, but when I attempt to synchronize, the changes appear to be ignored.

I do not see any errors reported in the httpd logs, nor in the nextcloud logs, but perhaps there is some place else that I should be looking?

Is there a setting somewhere that allows write access via calDAV sync?

Does the Caldav Android app log anything? Besides that, did you try to sync you calendars with DavDroid to see if that works?


I have the same problem with 10.5 and iOS devices using CalDAV. Just wrote an similar request (Can't create/delete calendar entry in shared calendar via CalDAV).

Additionally to your description I can modify shared calendar entries via CalDAV but cannot delete them.

have you observed the same behaviour?