Sync never ends - nextcloud 2.5.1

I have updatet Sync-Client for Windows 10 from 2.5.0. to 2.5.1. Since then the Client never stops sync respectively the client is searching for changes and never comes to an end. The directory has many files and many subdirectories - but isn’t very deep. In 2.5.0. everything was o.k. I tryed the new versions on three other PCs and the error occurs on all thus PCs. How can I reinstall the old version?
Thank you for any help.
Thomas Hülsmann

Hi i have exactly the same problem (Endless sync on desktop client 2.5.0 and 2.5.1). NC Server 14.0.4 but for me it also didn’t work with 2.5.0

2.3.3. worked fine for me.

Please create a bug report on and add some logs (