Sync lost after network interruption

After that there was a network interruption on my computer, the sync state between the Nextcloud server and the computer running Nextcloud Desktop is in a strange state.

According to the Nextcloud Desktop, certain directories are not synced. However, in the past they were synced, and they should be synced.

These directories are still available on my local computer, and also on the server. But in the Nextcloud client in the directory is not checked in the directory tree for synchronization.

The Nextcloud client also states: “There are folders that were not synchronized because they are to big or external storages” followed by a list of directories. But the affected directories are not in this list.

What is the best way to proceed?

At the server side I see this error in the log:

[no app in context] Error: Exception thrown: OCP\AppFramework\Db\DoesNotExistException
MOVE /remote.php/dav/uploads/redacted_username/1749823456/.file

I also generated a debug log from Nextcloud client. But I do not know what to look for.