Sync local media on localhost (self-hosted), external HD

I have NextCloud running at home, on the same machine where I have a bunch of photos, videos and music on an external drive that’s always plugged in.

I want to syn the photos, videos and music with other devices, through NextCloud, but I don’t want to have all this data on the external HD, and then again in the data folder of NextCloud. for one thing, that directory is on the normal HD, and all this media wouldn’t fit on it anyway.

Another issue with having all my NextCloud data on the XTHD is that I don’t want to make little writes to the external HD all day. It seems like this would wear it out faster.

I’ve seen that you can change the location of the data directory, and I could move this to the HD, but then it will be owned by root and have a lot of proprietary files in it. I want to just keep my movies and what not the way they are now on the HD, but share them with NextCloud.

Maybe it’s as easy as sharing, and the localhost NextCloud won’t try to ‘upload’ the data to itself. But I wanted to ask before I tried it.

I’m sure this is a fairly common use-case, so I’m not going to list my specs in this thread. It’s probably already been asked, but I just couldn’t find the link. If someone wants to direct me to another thread that would be good. Thanks.

You should be able to do a “local mount” so that second hard disk is linked into your existing Nextcloud directory structure. See Settings > Administration > External storage or Settings > Personal > External storage.

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