Sync local files on Android


I am currently looking into Nextcloud.

I would like to know if Nexcloud allows for syncing of “local” files on Android systems?

For instance, I use an app that saves notes as files. Would the Nexcloud Android client be able to automatically sync these files, everytime I update them?

(a couple of years ago, I tried OwnCloud and the Android client created a copy of said files and therefore didn’t keep up with the updates)

Thank you in advance for your help.


was just on the same topic for two-way-syncing my Zim-Notebook which is based on plain textfiles with android. Looking for it just offers a lot of places where its said, that it is a missing feature.

Finally found a SOLUTION in a german blog:

Use ES File Explorer and sync it via WebDav with your Nextcloud. There this option is a bit hidden in the menu:

network->FTP->webdav (translated from the german version, hope it’s the same).

Perhaps this is an option for you