Sync issues on Desktop Client

Hey Folks,

i am using Nextcloud 13 within Docker on my Synology NAS. I have connected my Windows 10 PC with the Nextcloud instance for synching files. Recently i was checking some files and stumbled apon a lot of folders containing files starting with an dot (.) and ending with a random string. Furthermore these files have the yellow exclamation mark icon as an overlay. I Understand, that this files are some kind of temporary files. My first guess was, that i can delete these files, and they are beeing resynced. But thats not the case. The files are available on the server, i can see them via the web iterface.

When i search the local owncloud.log i find an entry that says (in german):

Dieser Download würde den freien Speicher der Festplatte minimieren auf 238 MB

This download would reduce the free space to 238MB.

Meanwhile i cleaned up my disk and have another 8GB of free memory. But still, when i delete the “temporary” file, the original file is not beein synched/downloaded.

Does anyone has an idea what could be the problem?

Please find attached a screenshot of one folder as example.

Thanks in advance


PS: i have searched this forum but also the web if someone else has a similar issue, but i couldn’t find anything. But maybe my search terms are wrong.


You can set additional file extension that are ignored by the sync client. I would just add these extensions to avoid them being synced (.*.jpg.~*).


thanks for your response. Thats actually not the problem that i have.

Let’s say this file is on my server: MyExample.jpg. Now my desktop client creates a file on my PC that is named like .MyExample.jpg.fdj3k. Now, i want to know how do i get the client to download MyExample.jpg? Because all i see on my PC is .MyExample.jpg.fdj3k, but MyExample.jpg is not downloaded!

When i check the server, i can see, that MyExample.jpg is there and i can open and view it.

So, the problem is, that MyExample.jpg is not beeing downloaded by the desktop client. And all i have on my PC is .MyExample.jpg.fdj3k and when i delete it, nothing happens.