Sync Individual Folders Desktop and Mobile Clients?

How do I Sync / Upload / Download files into individual folders? Right now everything goes into H:\Nextcloud.

So, Music for example, goes into H:\Nextcloud\Music and Pictures go into H:\Nextcloud\Pictures.

I would like Music to go into H:\Music and Pictures to go to H:\Pictures. I would also like the same functionality on the android client (IE: SDCard\Music and SDCard\Pictures ) Is it possible to do this?


You can remove the root sync connection in H:\Nextcloud, which enables you to sync sub-folders of that into different places - for example, Music to H:\Music, Pictures to H:\Pictures, and any other folders to H:\Nextcloud\[folder name] or any other place you desire. The down-side of that approach is that each folder requires its own connection, rather than simply syncing the root and all sub-folders to a single place.
Alternatively, you could create the new sync connection at H:\, so that Music, Pictures, and any other folders you don’t deselect from the sync will all go directly into your H: drive. The down-side is that anything else in your H: drive will be uploaded to Nextcloud automatically.